I recommend that you interview more than one designer for your project face to face.

Useful information to assist you in interviewing designers:

Appointments set to meet at a time and location convenient for you, at his design studio, at your home, or the local coffee shop. The first phase in any project is the interview. (always free) All design and building projects are different and unique. Our fees are based on the scope of work required for your custom project. Discuss all aspects of your project. Then recommend the scope of work and the extent of detail for the construction documents, always giving you the opportunity to make informed decisions on the amount of services that will suit your needs.

Generally the Design and Construction Document services are billed as follows: one-third down at the notice to proceed: Once the preliminaries are approved, the second 1/3 payment is due; and the final payment is due upon completion of the construction documents.

Typically, there is a period of 2-3 weeks of working time between notice to proceed / contract and scheduling of the first meeting to review the first preliminaries. We will go over the preliminary plans room by room both on paper and in 3D model. Discussing the good points as well as the areas that may need some improvement with you. Revisions will be made to address the areas of concern. Once preliminaries are approved, normally, a site plan, floor plan(s), foundation plan, exterior elevations, roof plan, electrical plan(s), interior elevations, and typical detail drawings will be developed during the final construction document phase of the design.

After completion of the construction documents, we will have a meeting where we go over your final plans with you page by page. The third invoice for design and construction documents will be presented at that time and final payment is due upon receipt of the plans.

Price range based on details and pages of plans $1.50 up to $3.00 per foot. On average clients choose to get the extra drawings and details provided for $2.25 per foot. Charges based on heated and cooled footage. Hourly rate for changes beyond agreed scope of work $125.00 per hour. 

I am always just a phone call away from addressing any of your concerns.

I look forward to working with you personally.

Marc F. Wilson, CPBD, AIBD


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